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Are lab-grown diamonds real?

Yes, lab-grown diamonds are 100% real, and we absolutely never sell diamond simulants or imitations. Unlike cheap imitations like cubic zirconia or moissanite, lab-grown diamonds are chemically, structurally, and aesthetically identical to mined diamonds, because they're real diamonds! Only a specially-trained gemologist, using machine assistance, can distinguish a lab-grown diamond from a mined diamond, based on internal microscopic growth patterns that are invisible to the naked eye.

We choose not to refer to our diamonds as synthetic, because people often associate the word "synthetic" with "fake" or "imitation." Lab-grown diamonds are not "fake" diamond imitations or simulants: stones that imitate diamonds (like cubic zirconia, moissanite, or "hybrid" gems) but do not share the same properties. The Federal Trade Commission has stated that words such as "lab-grown" and "lab-created" better represent the nature of these diamonds.

Not only are our diamonds genuine, but they are also of superior quality. Our signature Custom-Grown Organic Diamonds are offered in VS2+, colorless D, E, F, and fancy colors. Our lab-grown collection is available in SI1+, D-H, and fancy colors. We are able to grow diamonds up to 10 carats, and both our Custom-Grown and Lab-Grown are available in Round, Oval, Princess, Emerald, Pear, Heart, Radiant, Cushion, Asscher, and Marquise. 

Do you have a database for your lab-grown inventory?

At this time, we do not have a searchable database for our lab-grown inventory. We source our lab-grown diamonds from suppliers around the world, and rather than require you to search for the best diamond, we do the searching for you. Tell us your budget and desired characteristics, and we will give you the best options to choose from, along with corresponding certificates and pictures/videos. We'll help you find the perfect diamond.

Find something comparable at a lower price? We'll do our best to match that price.

To get started, submit an inquiry:

The source material for your Organic Diamond can be almost any organic material (anything that contains carbon)

We recommend using something that is a meaningful, symbolic representation of an experience, person, or relationship. Your Organic Diamond is an eternal representation of life and love, formed from the very basis and cornerstone of all life: Carbon. It's an expression of you. You have the opportunity to eternalize what you cherish through one of nature's hardest and most durable stones.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Photographs
  • Love letters, vows, or wedding invitations. We suggest writing a special note or letter intended for the creation of your diamond.
  • Locks of hair (from you, your significant other, your newborn, your family, or anyone you love)
  • Souvenirs and mementos from vacations, honeymoons, dates, adventures
  • Your favorite flowers or plants, or those associated with a memory or symbolizing an attribute (such as the Lotus which represents purity of body, speech, and mind; the Amaranth or Primrose which represent eternal love; the Elderflower which represents compassion; or the Hibiscus that represents rare and delicate beauty). We can provide practically any plant or flower for your source material and can help you pick one which best represents your purpose. 
  • Drawings, illustrations, artwork
  • Fabrics (from clothing with a special meaning, such as bridal veil or dress, fabric from a graduation robe, or even a stuffed animal)
  • A copy of a degree, dissertation, marriage license, or other certificate
  • Food (such as a wedding cake or your grandmother's famous chocolate chip cookies)
  • And much, much more! Just let us know your idea, and we will tell you if it can work in our process.

Unfortunately, there are a few things we won't accept as source material, such as metals, ceramics, cremated ashes, medicine, and anything illegal or dangerous. If you would like to make an Organic Diamond representing your loved one who has passed away, we can extract carbon from their hair or from the things that represent them. 

What happens once I order my custom-grown organic diamond?

Once you determine the characteristics of the diamond you want (carat weight, clarity, and color), we will discuss what source material you want to contribute. If you are unsure, we will brainstorm with you to choose the perfect source material to create your diamond. Next, we will mail you instructions and a special container in which you can place your submitted organic material. Once we receive this, we document the source material and then extract, purify, and graphitize the carbon. Graphitization is a time consuming process that takes an average of 6-8 weeks. This purified graphite is then placed in an HPHT (high pressure, high temperature) press, which recreates the conditions in the Earth's crust through enormous pressure and extreme temperatures reaching over 2500 degrees Fahrenheit. This process can take six or more weeks for a typical 1 carat diamond, as it sometimes requires multiple growth cycles.

Once the growth cycle is complete, the rough diamond is cut and polished, and then graded and certified by the International Gemological Institute. Along with your diamond, you will receive photographic documentation of the source material (unless you prefer to keep these materials private), photo/video of your finished diamond, certification of the process, IGI certification of the diamond's characteristics, and the choice of a variety of other curated options, which enrich the meaning of the source material and delineate the process in which the diamond was "born." Finally, we will ship you the loose diamond, or if you prefer, you may select one of our made to order Classic or Debussy settings (all of which are customizable). For a truly bespoke piece, we can create a custom setting, using 3D modeling and cutting edge technology. 

Is my diamond insured?

Your diamond is insured during shipping. Once you receive your diamond, you assume liability. We highly suggest purchasing personal diamond insurance. We can help you find the right plan.

How much do Organic Diamonds cost?

Our Custom-Grown (created from custom source material) and Lab-Grown Organic Diamonds are priced separately.


The price of our lab-grown collection will vary based on the characteristics of the specific stone. Once you send us an inquiry, we will provide you with options that fit your desired characteristics and budget. Typically, lab-grown diamonds will be approximately 20-40% less expensive than mined diamonds of comparable quality. We offer loose stones, as well as a collection of signature and customizable ethical settings. If you prefer, we can also work with you to create a truly bespoke piece, using 3D modeling and state of the art technology. 


Because our Custom-Grown collection requires a highly complex and time/resource intensive process, these diamonds are priced at a premium; however, we always strive to offer a fair price. Memorial diamonds, which are made from cremated ashes and often do not specify the 4 C's, can be upwards of $20,000 for a 1 carat colorless diamond. Our Custom-Grown Organic Diamonds are priced equivalently or at discount to mined diamonds of comparable quality.   

The cost of Custom-Grown Organic Diamonds depend on the desired characteristics (color, clarity, carat weight). We offer diamonds in D, E, F colorless, and a clarity of VS2, VS1, VVS2, VVS1, and IF. Please see the graphic below for reference. Diamonds with superior characteristics (higher clarity, purer color) will be more expensive, and fancy colored diamonds are sold at a premium.  

4 cs.png

Keep in mind, many jewelers and chain retailers will accept diamonds of SI2 and I1/I2 quality (slight flaws and visible flaws) and inferior color (color grade I/J through visible yellow tint), and will price them at a 100%-200%+ markup. That's not how we do business. We want to offer you a superior diamond at the fairest price possible. 

If your diamond has any lesser characteristics (such as SI clarity or G-H color), the price will be lower than the following starting prices, which are based on F (colorless), VS2, fancy shape (pear, princess, radiant, cushion, oval, emerald, marquis, etc):

fancy shapes.png

1 carat diamonds start at $5,990

1.5 carat diamonds start at $10,690

2 carat diamonds start at $19,490

For a F (colorless), VS2, round brilliant:

1 carat diamonds start at $6,990

1.5 carat diamonds at $13,990

2 carat diamonds $24,650

For diamonds over 2 carats, please inquire about starting price.

Prices increase with superior characteristics. Submit an inquiry for more information about pricing for colorless Custom-Grown Organic Diamonds, as well as fancy color pricing.

Unfortunately, at this time, we can't offer single orders below one carat. However, we do offer the following options:

Ten 1/2 carat diamonds starting at $11,340, for a total carat weight of 5 carats and $1,134 per 0.5 carat

Five 1/2 carat diamonds starting at $7,500, for a total carat weight of 2.5 carats and $1,500 per 0.5 carat

How do I pay for my diamond?


Payment by wire and credit card is accepted. Certain orders (excluding customizable pieces) are eligible for return and exchange or refund.


Once you choose your diamond and the desired specifications, you will put down ~50% of the price of the diamond. You will pay the remainder of the balance when the diamond is cut and polished, prior to shipping. 

Due to the custom nature of the process, it is possible that your diamond may have different characteristics than anticipated. If your diamond has a superior clarity, color, or carat weight, you will never pay additional for this difference. If your diamond has any lesser characteristics, the price will be discounted, and you will pay the balance based on that rate. (Price for adjustments will be provided before putting down payment). For instance, if you desire a VVS1, E, 1 carat diamond, and the process produces a VVS1, D, 1 carat diamond, there will be no additional charge. Similarly, if your diamond is of superior clarity or greater carat weight, there is no additional charge. Conversely, if the process produces a VVS1, F, 1 carat diamond, you will pay the balance for the discounted price. Your Organic Diamonds Assistant will make sure you are well versed on price options and any possible adjustments.

How long does the process take?


Our loose lab-grown diamonds can be shipped to you within a few days, or in some cases, up to 1-2 weeks. If you choose to set your diamond in either our made to order Classic or Debussy settings, you will typically receive your piece within 2-4 weeks. Turn-around time for bespoke custom design pieces depends on the complexity of the design.


Due to the custom nature of this process, Custom-Grown Organic Diamonds take longer to receive than a typical diamond. A typical order will take approximately 4-6 months once we receive your source material. While we will do everything possible to expedite the process, the focus of Organic Diamonds is not brevity: we aim to create a memorable, significant experience and a high-quality eternal representation of the people and things you cherish. We will be with you every step of the way - available for your questions, concerns, ideas, and suggestions - in order to make this the most personalized and valuable gift possible. 

Are custom-grown organic diamonds only for engagement?

While Organic Diamonds are perfect for an engagement ring, they're not just for when you want to put a ring on it.


Organic Diamonds are an indestructible symbol of life and love: perfect to celebrate new life, birthdays, anniversaries, life milestones, or to remember those who have passed away. They're also a gorgeous gift to yourself or your loved one for any day of the year. Treat yourself! You deserve it.


Can I buy a single organic diamond less than 1 carat?

LAB-GROWN: Yes, of course! Send us an inquiry, and we'll find you the perfect diamond to match your budget and specifications.

CUSTOM-GROWN: Unfortunately, at this time, we are only able to offer minimum orders of five 0.5 carat stones. The price per carat is significantly less than 1+ carats, and this option is well-suited for those who plan to set their diamonds in a necklace, bracelet, wedding band, or earrings, or who plan to give diamonds to multiple family members or friends. We hope to offer single Organic Diamond options below 1 carat in the future.

We can, however, provide you with a beautiful lab-grown diamond of less than 1 carat, either as a loose stone or in one of our signature settings. Check out our Classics and Debussy Collections, and contact us to find your perfect diamond and setting. 

Do you offer normal lab-grown diamonds, too?

We do! You may buy these separately or to accompany your Custom-Grown Organic Diamond. Our prices for typical lab-grown diamonds are significantly less expensive than our custom-grown diamonds, as the process of production is far less personalized and time/resource intensive. Let us know what characteristics you want in the diamond(s), and we will be happy to supply price and availability. 


Do you provide a gem certification?

Yes, all of our diamonds are certified by the International Gemological Institute (IGI). We typically do not certify with the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) because of their choice to not specify exact characteristics of lab-grown diamonds [for instance, rather than specifying exact color, the diamond is graded "colorless"]. However, if you request, we can have your diamond graded and certified by GIA at an additional cost.