We use cutting edge technology to extract carbon from objects of your choosing and use this carbon to grow beautiful, one-of-a-kind diamonds that uniquely represent who you are and what you value. See how it works.


The first successful diamond synthesis was achieved by Tracy Hall of General Electric in 1954. Due to their small size and visual flaws, these diamonds were unsuitable for jewelry but were useful for industrial applications. Nearly 20 years later, the first gem-quality diamonds were produced; however, these diamonds were yellow to brown in color and featured visible inclusions. Recent developments in technology have made colorless, high clarity lab-grown diamonds possible. Moreover, due to their hardness, chemical inertness, and simultaneous high thermal conductivity and negligible electrical conductivity, lab-grown diamonds have proven essential to technological innovation across various industries, sparking advances in manufacturing, electronics, medicine, optics, and quantum-based applications


Driving Innovation

Lab-grown diamonds have sparked advances in manufacturing, electronics, medicine, optics, and quantum-based applications. 

Both mined and lab-grown diamonds are crystallized carbon. A diamond is grown by recreating the environment of the Earth's upper mantle. The HPHT (high pressure, high temperature) process replicates the enormous pressure and extreme temperature of the Earth's interior, reaching over 2,700 degrees Fahrenheit and 5 GPa. A diamond seed and purified, graphitized carbon are placed into an HPHT chamber, in which the carbon crystallizes into a diamond over days or weeks.

All organic matter contains carbon; in fact, carbon is the cornerstone of life. Custom-grown Organic Diamonds are grown via the HPHT process, using custom organic material, which you submit to us, as its source. The carbon from the submitted source material is extracted, purified, and graphitized. This purified, graphitized carbon crystallizes to form your Custom-Grown Organic Diamond, creating an incomparably meaningful diamond. 

A typical lab-grown diamond can seem impersonal, and mined diamonds, even so-called "conflict free diamonds," are inextricably linked to environmental and social harm. Custom-Grown Organic Diamonds impart a significant and personal origin, connected to the people and things you love and untainted by the injustices of the mined diamond industry.

The quality of a diamond is assessed by four characteristics (the 4 C's): carat weight, cut, color, and clarity. Organic Diamonds are of superior quality, and we do not offer diamonds of inferior characteristics. Our custom-grown diamonds are VS2 (very slightly flawed) to IF (internally flawless), D-F colorless, and fancy colors. We can grow diamonds up to 10 carats. 

How it works

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Organic Diamonds are not simply beautiful gemstones. They are an inimitable expression of who you are and what you cherish: an eternal symbol of life and love captured by the hardest and most beautiful gemstone, the diamond.

We offer an incomparable and entirely bespoke gift that is as personal and meaningful as it is aesthetically stunning. Along with your diamond, you will receive documentation of your source material and the process, a certification of the source material and a graded IGI certification of the diamond's characteristics, and your choice of curated, customizable options that enrich the meaning of your gift.